Becoming a World Leading
Wellness Company

FiNC Technologies is a venture company specializing in preventive healthcare and AI.

We are currently facing several health-related challenges,
such as the gap between life expectancies and health life expectancies, physical complexes,
as well as lower back, joint, and shoulder-related physical pain.

There are also widespread problems of famine and insufficient medical care in developing countries,
and the increase in obesity and medical costs in developed countries.
The cause of these health-related problems is bad habits with exercise, nutrition, and rest.

We are working hard to increase healthy life expectancies,
using the latest technology to support customers with behavior change,
for our mission "personalized AI for everyone's wellness".

We believe that we can solve the cause of health-related problems and concerns by fulfilling our mission.
We aim to help people reach a healthy and happy lifestyle.
Not only in Japan, but for people all over the world.

  • Vision

  • Mission

  • Value

Important Behavioral Traits for Achieving FiNC's Vision

  • FiNC Family

    Earnestly contribute towards achieving
    the company/department's goals.

    Properly understand the company/department's
    goals, vision, mission, and values, and work
    to make this a reality.

  • Integrity

    Promptly report inconvenient truths such as
    mistakes and complaints, to the company,
    your manager, and customers.

    Apologize and sincerely leverage
    mistakes and criticism

  • Non-Defeatist

    Approach tasks entrusted by
    the company/coworkers/customers
    with a can-do attitude.

    Make exceptional efforts to achieve results,
    without making excuses
    when unforeseen issues arise.

  • Communication

    Build relationships full of cooperation
    with coworkers and customers.

    Understand your coworkers'
    and customers' words, actions,
    and requests, and ask good questions.

  • Speedy

    Take immediate action in work,
    reaching quick understandings and decisions.

    Set deadlines with coworkers and customers,
    and proactively communicate.

  • Professional

    Be at cause when challenges
    and problems arise,
    without just blaming others.

    Be in control of your ambition, lifestyle,
    time, physical health and condition.

  • Intensive

    Be cooperative and keep promises
    (events or submissions), which is necessary
    for organization and culture.

    Be intentional with minimizing costs,
    such as material/personnel expenses.

  • Rational

    Be willing to change your thoughts, words,
    and actions, without being caught up
    in prejudice or past success.

    Speak and act once you've logically
    considered the numbers and facts.

  • Improvement

    Boldly set high goals,
    and follow PDCA to achieve them.

    Be a self-starter,
    not relying on being
    told the same things several times.

  • Team-work

    Take ownership of problems,
    and offer constructive suggestions
    instead of complaints.

    Identify issues and problems (sometimes strictly),
    for the growth of the company, coworkers,
    and customers.

FiNC is welcoming new teammates.
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