Supporting a Joyful Work Experience for Every Employee

"FiNC Wellness Box" provides employees with a variety of benefits to support their physical and emotional health.
We focus on wellness management and improving the workplace environment in "health, growth, resonating
with the company, and diversity", to help more employees live a happy life.
At FiNC, we consider physical health, mental wellbeing, and workplace engagement when supporting employee wellness.

  • Supporting Employees' Physical Health

    FiNC provides an effortless health program for employees that suits their age and gender, to prevent any potential health risks.

  • Supporting Employees' Mental Wellbeing

    FiNC provides an environment where employees can be happy and healthy at work, where they can openly consult physical and mental health experts.

  • Supporting Employee's Engagement at Work

    FiNC supports employees in bringing out their maximum performance, fostering communication and a sense of community between coworkers who spend most of their week together.

  • FiNC Wellness Box

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