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Building a Healthcare Platform
with the FiNC App

Japan is faced with first-world country problems, such as the working population decline (due to the decreasing birthrate and aging population) and the government's financial problems with increasing medical costs. The world is looking for solutions from innovation in the healthcare field.
FiNC aims to solve a variety of health-related problems through building the FiNC healthcare platform, combining healthcare and AI with the mission of "Personalized AI for everyone's wellness".


    Healthcare App with an AI Personal Trainer

    FiNC is a healthcare platform app that lets users record their lifestyle, such as steps, weight, sleep, and meals, in the one place. Using its patented AI technology, FINC also provides each user with personalized advice, with the theme "One App for Every Body".


    A Wellness Select Shop for Health & Beauty Products

    FiNC MALL is a "Wellness Select Shop", with only items that have been carefully chosen by FiNC ambassadors and specialists. FiNC points gained through recording steps, weight, sleep, and meals or by completing missions on the FiNC app, can be used to buy items.

  • Interactive Communication

    Marketing Solutions to Connect Companies and Users

    Interactive Communication creates user participation-based solutions for connecting with customers. This includes not only the creation and use of highly credible content overseen by specialists, but also provides incentives for users to complete specific actions. This allows for more active participation-based campaigns, promoting a deeper understanding of partner products/services and creating long-lasting points of contact with customers.


    Wellness Solutions to Support Companies with Health Management

    FiNC solutions provide a holistic approach from the visualization of challenges to assisting employees with creating healthy habits, through the FiNC app and FiNC Wellness Survey.
    We support the physical and emotional health of employees, as well as the sustainable growth of companies through increasing their ENPS.

A diverse group of professionals
working together on a healthcare platform

FiNC is a diverse group of healthcare professionals, including registered dieticians, physiotherapists, and trainers, as well as data scientists, engineers, and specialists in nutrition, exercise, and psychology. They work together to combine healthcare and technology, to solve healthcare problems and create "a world where anyone can be healthy".


    IT Engineers, AI Engineers, Infrastructure Engineers, Front-End Engineers, Data Scientists, and Blockchain Engineers.


    Registered Dietitians, Nutritionists, Life Scientists, Pharmacists, Physiotherapists, and Athletic Trainers.


    App Producers, Brand Designers, Graphic Designers, Directors, UI/UX Designers, and Video Creators.


    Legal Experts from Listed Companies, IP Legal Experts, Pharmaceutical Legal Experts, Previous CISO/CPO in Foreign Company.

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