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FiNC Technologies is a venture company specializing in preventive healthcare and AI.

We want to solve health problems that are occurring not only in Japan, but all over the world,
using the latest technology to create effortless, fun, affordable, and personalized services.
This is to achieve our vision to "serve people for their precious life".

We aim to build a platform for healthcare and wellness that no other company has yet achieved.
Through becoming a world-leading company in wellness,
we will support the physical health and emotional wellbeing of people not only in Japan but all over the world.

Mission Personalized AI
for everyone's wellness

FINC uses AI to assist users in measuring and analyzing their lifestyle habits,
such as steps, weight, sleep, and meals, as well as providing personalized
advice to suit each customer with their health-related concerns.


The 10 points of FiNC SPIRIT are behavioral traits that will assist us in
achieving our Vision. These are as important as FiNC's Value with providing
perspective when taking action.

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Building a Healthcare Platform

Combining healthcare and AI to build a healthcare platform and achieve our mission of "personalized AI for everyone's wellness".

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In order to provide valuable services and experiences for our users, we think it's important to first be healthy ourselves. FiNC has a number of benefits in place to support the health of its employees.

  • FiNC Wellness Box

    For Employees' Wellness

  • For Engineer

    Engineer Benefits
    for Creating Value

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